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Tayo's Wishes Test Awnsers For my class

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  • Answer posted by: DangeRz

    michael’s company should invest in the updating of every section as well as data and processes technology and software. through the analysis of the manufacturing process, the company can take a clear approach towards the best way to improve not only the process but also de final result. some of the main problems that manufacturing companies face are the waste of material due to disorganized processes and the lack of real-time process checkings. this can be solved with specific software and machines that can turn paperwork into the digital era and that will reduce the time employees take on that, being this time better apply to control the production process and communication among different sectors of the company, the product will be made in shorter time with better quality and more profit

  • Answer posted by: ughh13

    do you have a copy of the poem?

  • Answer posted by: StupidBoy

    may i see the historical information and the excerpt?

  • Answer posted by: ladypink94

    taken from the novel “the adventures of huckleberry finn” by mark twain (1884), the author narrates about social issues and norms related to morality, prejudice, and slavery. twain included the excerpt above in order to discuss a moral conflict that huck is in: following the moral values he has received from the society in which he lives. moreover, there are moral issues such as gilt and blame discussed here. in the excerpt above, which is part of chapter xvi, huck faces a dilemma: jim to escape or telling miss watson about jim’s flight. huck feels confused, since by choosing one action or another someone is going to get hurt. both jim and miss watson have him in different ways; jim has protected him and has been very kind with him and miss watson has him with his education. the following sentence is a clear example of the dilemma huck faces when he narrates what his conscience tells him: “what had poor miss watson done to you that you could see her niger go off right under your eyes and never say one single word? ”.

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Tayo's Wishes Test Awnsers For my class...

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